Positive Thinking

Today we are going to spend a few minutes talking about the benefits of positive thinking. Our thoughts truly do create our reality, and if our mind is full of negativity, that negativity will manifest in our everyday life. If we want to avoid these problems, we need to start by shifting our mindset to… Continue reading Positive Thinking

Wards and Protection

Today I went absolutely ward crazy. I spent my morning putting up dozens of different types of protection around my house, to the point where I now feel like I’m living in my own fortress. Wards in witchcraft, for those who don’t know, are spells that one does to ward away negative energies. Today I’m… Continue reading Wards and Protection

Dionysus May Be Reaching Out To Me

One of my last posts was the basics of Dionysus. His myths and his symbols among other things. I wrote that post because I felt as though I had a strange connection to him, and his nake kept popping into my head. Last night I did a meditation specifically to get some insight into which… Continue reading Dionysus May Be Reaching Out To Me

The Benefits of Daily Self Care and Self Love

Self care is important for many reasons. Whether you are a witch or not, it is an incredibly important thing to work into your day and can change your life. I personally used to struggle a lot with taking care of myself, and considered it secondary to other things. Slowly I began to work many… Continue reading The Benefits of Daily Self Care and Self Love

Dionysus – Research and Mythology

Last night I decided to have an evening to myself. I’ve recently been working very hard on a lot of projects, and felt like I needed a long break, so I spend the rest of my day taking care of myself and doing things that helped bring my energy back. As I was doing this,… Continue reading Dionysus – Research and Mythology


Hello! My name is Christina. A few years ago I found myself enamored by the idea of witchcraft. Despite growing up in a strongly Christian household, as a child, I was drawn to the concept of magick and mythical creatures. I often felt like I had a power I couldn’t explain, a strong connection with… Continue reading Hello!